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Visa On Arrival for Iqama Holders

3*/4* Hotel Accommodation with Breakfast



G9164 - Departure 23-06-2017 09:05 Arrival 23-06-2017 11:20
G9293 - Departure 23-06-2017 13:00 Arrival 23-06-2017 16:20


G9296 - Departure 30-06-2017 02:45 Arrival 30-06-2017 05:55
G9163 - Departure 30-06-2017 08:10 Arrival 30-06-2017 08:25


Departure – DAMMAM TBILISI 25 JUN 0450 0900
Arrival - TBILISI DAMMAM 02 JUL 0200 0400


DAY – 1

Reception by the company’s representative in Tbilisi International Airport,taking the company’s car and heading to the hotel. After receiving the rooms we will start the first cruise in our tour by visiting Metechi Church, the landmark Metechi Chursh located on the elevated cliff that overlooks the Mtkvari River, and the 1960s equestrian statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali beside it, occupy the strategic rocky outcrop above the Metechi Bridge. This is where Vakhtank Gorgasali built his palace, and the site’s first church, when he made Tbilisi his capital in the 5th century. The existing church was built by King Demetre Tavdadebuli (the self-sacificing) between 1278 and 1289, and has been reconstructed many times since. We will then visit the Sioni Cathedral, the Sioni Cathedral bears the name of Mount Zion at Jerusalem. It is commonly known as the “Tbilisi Sioni” to distinguish it from several other churches across Georgia bearing the name Sioni. It is located in downtown Tbilisi fronting the right embankment of the Kura River.





It is located in downtown Tbilisi fronting the right embankment of the Kura River. After that We will visit the garden of Hider Aleve passing by the sulphur baths (Abanutubani) then going to watch the forest waterfall and the bridge of lovers. We will then continue our walk till we reach the National Botanical garden of Georgia located on the top of the mountain, the evaluation of the garden ranges around 128,Ooo square meters. As we walk discovering the beauty of many different types of plants and trees we will reach the huge statue of the mother of Georgians. We will also visit the ancient fortress of Narikala overlooking Tbilisi the capital of Georgia which consists of two walled sections on a steep hill between the sulphur baths and the botanical gardens of Tbilisi and then riding the cable car down the mountain. Thereafter having lunch in one of Tbilisi’s restaurants and returning back to the hotel to get some rest.


At 7 o’clock we will start our evening cruise at Rustaveli Street one of Tbilisi’s very popular streets were Zara mall for shopping, the opera house and the old parliament until we reach the freedom monument (Saint George golden statue). We will then head to the European park which is named Riga Park to watch the dancing fountain and crossing the glass bridge of peace towards Chardin a place with European and Arabian architect full of many restaurants and coffee shops to have dinner and back to the hotel.





Day 2

After having breakfast at Y. hotel’s restaurant our morning cruise will start at 10 o’clock heading to the heart of the Caucasian mountains. After approximately forty minutes we will reach the historical castle of Ananurilocated on the shore of River Aragvi. This region is full of natural beauty and historical places where we will spend some good time at and memorial photos will be taken before heading our next destiny the town of Gudauri where the Balcony and the endless skiing routes are held during the snowy winter season. We will after that start a very adventures journey 55OO meters above sea level where the city of Kazbegi is located on the eorgian – Russian boarders where we will rent a 44 to reach the very top of the mountain and enjoy the spect runimaginable view where the clouds draws and artistic painting surrounding the top of the Caucasian mountains. Some free time will be spent there to enjoy the view and taking memorial pictures before heading back to the hotel at the Capital Tbilisi.

Day 3

After having breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant our morning cruise will start at 1o o’clock heading to city of Mtskheta the old capital of Georgia which is approximately thirty minutes from the capital Tbilisi to watch the meeting point of the Mtkvari River with the Aragvi River (also known as the River of Kura) at Jvari Mountain where Jvari monastery is located. After some memorial photos are taken we will head to the city of Borjomi which is well known by its famous Sulphuric water, huge green hills and its massive National park. A cable car will be taken to the top of the mountain to view the beauty of the city. A short rest will be held in one of the restaurants to have lunch before heading to the second Capital of Georgia the city of Kutaisi to check in into the hotel.





Day 4

At 1o o’clock and after having breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant we will start Our cruise to the caves of Sataplia and Prometheus. The cave of Sataplia is rated by the protection of geological excavations Organization as one of the most beautiful plantation monuments around the World. We will Observe the fossils and replicas of dinosaurs in addition to the glass bridge. We will then Visit the Prometheus cave which is considered as the second biggest cave in Europe which consists of four different caves each one of them has its own unique nature with a canyon located beneath it where boats can be rented to exit the cave. After visiting the caves we will continue Our Cruise to the Okatse canyon located on the town of Gordi 45 km away from Kutaisi city. Okatse canyons length is 16 kilometers tall surrounded by lots of waterfalls and beautiful green landscapes, then returning back to the hotel.

Day 5

After having breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant at 1o o’clock we will leave the city of Kutaisi and head to the coastal city of Batumi located at the shores of the blacksea and is just 20 minutes from the Turkish border to the hotel to check in and have some rest.


At 7 o’clock we will start our cruise walking on the boulevard and visiting the Alphabet tower which consists of the Georgian alphabets and then we will get to see and know the love story of Ali and Nino when visiting their moving Statues. A beautiful calm Walk at the boulevard on the shores of the Black Sea until we reach the dancing fountains and choosing one of the restaurants to have dinner and returning back to the hotel.





Day 6

After having breakfast at the hotel Our morning cruise will start at 1O o’clock heading 28 kilometres west A to the town of Makhuntseti to spend some good time and watch the waterfall of Makhuntseti and the bridge of Queen Tamara where the beauty of nature calls. We will then head back to the city of Batumi to have lunch and then attend the Dolphin show .ܘܠܲܐܒ݂ܹܝܠ and take a beautiful walk around

Nuri Lake and last but not least we will ride the cable car to the top of the mountain to view the beauty of the city with the Black sea before heading back to the hotel.

Day 7

After having breakfast at the hotel at 1O o’clock we will leave the city of Batumi to Martvili canyon located 5O kilometres away from the city of Kutaisi the second Capital of Georgia to enjoy the ride of the floating boats and the marvellous view surrounding the canyon. We will then take the road heading back to the Capital city Tbilisi to the hotel.




international ap

Day 8

After having breakfast and the hotel’s restaurant we will check out heading to Tbilisi’s international airport. Free Spirit Tours Wishes you a pleasant vacation and a safe trip.



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